Bitcointoyou International and Brazil Fees and Deadlines
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Consult us for operations over 20 thousand dollars
Active Withdrawal Fee Minimum Withdrawal Dep. Confirmations
Bitcoin (BTC) 0.0005 0.001 1
Ethereum (ETH) 0.01 0.02 12
Litecoin (LTC) 0.001 0.002 1
USD Coin (USDC) 1 1 12
USD Tether (USDT ERC20) 1 1 12
BRL Coin (BRLC) 1 1 12
Reais (BRL) 1.89% + R$ 9,99 R$ 20,00 Up to 24h

Limits and Requirements

Active Level 1 Level 2
Cryptocurrency Deposit Unlimited Unlimited
Cryptocurrency Withdraw Not allowed Unlimited
Fiat Deposit (BRL, USD, EUR) Equivalent R$ 10thousand Unlimited
Saque Fiat (BRL, USD, EUR) Equivalent R$ 10thousand Unlimited
Requirements CPF, Name, Address Photo of documents and selfie

Deposit/Withdraw in Reais

Deposits and withdrawals in reais must be made through a bank account owned by them, via transfer between accounts, TED or DOC. Minimum deposit R$ 50.00 and minimum withdrawal R$ 20.00.

Passive/Maker Order

Passive order or Maker is the operation in which you issue the order and leave it in the Order Book, waiting for a buyer or seller. Limit order displays the "passive" fee, but the "active" fee can be charged.

Active/Taker Order

Active order or Taker is the operation in which you buy or sell, instantly, according to the first price offer. Market order is always "Active/Taker"

Cryptocurrency Withdraw

Cryptocurrency withdrawals are processed automatically every 15 minutes. Part of the fee is transferred to Blockchain. Level 1 customers need to become level 2 in order to withdraw cryptocurrencies.

Attention: If you create a limit order below the market price, you will pay 0.25% when it is executed. If you create a limit order at market price or higher, a 0.6% fee will be charged. To request withdrawals, it is necessary that your account has been approved by our compliance, and defined as level two. The conversion from BRL Coin (BRLC) to Reais (BRL) is charged 1.89% by Bitcointoyou Internacional (B2U Limited), and R $ 9.99 is charged by Bitcointoyou Brasil to send the Reais (BRL) to your bank account in Brazil. When depositing Reais (BRL) in one of Bitcointoyou Brasil's accounts, the amount will be converted to BRL Coin (BRL) and the cryptocurrency will be transferred to your wallet at Bitcointoyou Internacional (B2U Limited). All cryptocurrency buying and selling operations are carried out at Bitcointoyou Internacional (B2U Limited), and not in Brazil. Every cryptocurrency trading commission is charged by Bitcointoyou Internacional (B2U Limited). After becoming level 2, your first deposit of fiat currency (BRL, EUR, USD) will be limited to 10 thousand reais, the second to 40 thousand reais and the third to 500 thousand reais. Time spacing of up to 48 hours is required for each deposit. After the third deposit there is no limit.